25 Dec 2020

Mountain life


The hills themselves have many specialties, here people spend their lives comfortably, neither summer nor winter.  In the summer, people live here only through cold air, no fan is needed or no fridge is needed, people here get it easily from cold water sources, people of the mountains do not need physical exercise.  They also do their physical exercise

 People live together in the village, this is the biggest feature of the village, here people do collective work together.  There used to be a Panchayat in the village as well, but in the present time there has not been an earlier Panchayat, now a new form of Panchayat is in front.  There are cottage industries in the village in which the people of the village work together.  The people of the village also do agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries.  Agriculture is the main task of the people in the village.

 There are government schools for education in the village, but at the present time private schools are also being seen.

 The different thing about living in the mountains is that there is no noise, no sound of vehicles, no worry about the smoke of the factory.  Fresh vegetables Fresh water Fresh natural air is the specialty of all these mountains