30 Dec 2020

I love Nainital uttrakhndh

Love Nainital is written in front of Nainital Tal where it starts, it is so attractive that everyone takes a photo with it, it has become a type of identity of 
 But now I Love Nainital has been covered and now it has become a famous topic why it has been done. As soon as the permission to visit the tourism got four months after the coronavirus, thousands of people came to Nainital and everyone came to Nainital  Many people rush to take photos and take photos.

 Seeing the increasing danger of coronavirus, the Nainital administration covered I Love Nainital so that people could not crowd the photos at this place because it is likely to increase the risk of coronavirus.  Most of the tourism in Nainital comes from outside state and different country, it has been decided keeping this in mind.

 The question was in everyone's mind that why I Love Nainital was removed, the reason for this is Coronavirus, because of this it was covered.

 Everyone comes to visit Nainital, he also has a feeling that I love to take photographs in front of Nainital, for some time people cannot take photos with it.

 I love Nainital can also increase the risk of coronavirus in Nainital, many people come and take photos.

 This is the right decision of the Nainital Municipal Administration.