3 Jun 2021

William Shakespeare biography in english

William Shakespeare biography in english

William Shakespeare biography in english

William Shakespeare biography 

There are only a few litterateurs whose names are known all over the world and among them there is a great litterateur – William Shakespeare.  Readers who study literary books know the name of Shakespeare.  Shakespeare's period was that of the Indian poet Kalidas.  The time of Shakespeare and Kalidasa is believed to be five hundred years ago.  Keeping alive the literature of five hundred years ago is also a feature.  That is why the literature of Shakespeare is worshipped.  Many research works have been done on Shakespeare's life and his works.

 Shakespeare's life

 It is written in Shakespeare's biography that he was born on April 26, 1564 and died on April 23, 1616.  His works were mainly based on theatrical art, and William Shakespeare himself was a theater artist.

 He married a woman named Anne Hathaway in 1582  Anne Hathaway was eight year older than Shakespeare.  Their marriage also remained the subject of discussion for many days.  Shakespeare was an actor and playwriter, and Anne Hathaway worked with him in theater.

 Shakespearean Literature

 Shakespeare has written about forty works, but only five or six of his works are more popular, such as Romeo Juliet, Macbeth, Othello, Julius Caesar, Hamlet etc.  His own poems were published in 1593 and 1594.  But all his literature was devoted to theatrical art.  William Shakespeare also became a member of a drama company.  That is because the company made a mark in the audience by staging Shakespeare's plays.

 Shakespeare's contribution to the theater

 As William Shakespeare experienced art, he produced artistic literature.  The audience came to know him as the principal comedian.  In the year 1603, he was recognized by the audience as Principal Tragedian, that is, he started composing and staging sensitive plays along with comedy plays.  He emerged before the audience in 1608 as a playwright of a high order.

 Being an artist, he earned a lot of money while doing theater and got fame along with money.  It is also said that he spent most of his earnings on Stratford Real Estate setting up an excellent theater company.  The establishment of the theater and the forty plays that became an inspiration to the world were all thanks to Shakespeare.  No date was fixed for the composition of his own literature, whatever came to mind, it was prepared by hand and it was also staged in the evening.  This was the situation of Shakespeare.

 Taught in curricula around the world Shakespeare's literature

 Shakespeare's name is considered to be the best among the great writers of the world.  Shakespeare's literature has been included in the syllabus of English subject in many universities of India so that children can be influenced on the basis of education.  Othello, Macbeth, Romeo, Juliet, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, these works are taught in the classrooms of schools.

 Inspirational to societyShakespeare's works

 The plot of Shakespeare's plays is based on burning problems.  The characters look as if they are acting in a living form.  The language of his literature may be difficult, but scholars from all over the world have translated Shakespeare's plays in their respective mother tongues.  There are hundreds of languages ​​around the world and Shakespeare's literature has been translated into all those languages.

 Shakespeare has presented a special assessment of human life in his books.  Whenever ego comes in life, then the person starts to decline, this definition has been presented by Shakespeare to the society through his plays.